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Now registered with NDIS and ICD certified,

along with certification in counselling

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Organised Space = Organised Mind

​Declutter.  Simplify.

Organisation, Styling & Innovation of:

Bedrooms - Wardrobes

Kitchens - Pantries

Bathrooms - Cupboards

Kids areas - Shelving units

Offices - Studies

Garages - Storage areas

home organisation

downsizing - moving 

auction preparation - estate sales

office spaces

Environmentally friendly solutions:

reuse, donate, re-purpose



Home Improvements




Project Management


15 years' online selling experience

Over 1,000 individual items sold with great feedback rating.


From pricing to postage,

or donating if it won't sell


The Zen connection between your living spaces and your peace of mind

Edina is a certified counsellor and is progressing towards a Masters in Counselling with a keen focus on how environmental surroundings impact mental and physical health.

What We Do:




Discuss the best solution & system that works for you and your budget, small or large.



Collate and Categorise things - decide what you love & what could be loved more by someone else.
Sell or donate items.



Measure & procure optimal storage solutions in line with budget, if desired.
Expertly style your items with logical & functional order.  Visibility & accessibility prioritised at the appropriate levels


Employ easy & lasting homely systems & storage locations that help the household easily find where items belong; identifying clutter hot-spots and providing organisational functions to support the personal habits of people living in the home.


About Us

helping you live your best life - everything in its right place - your personalised organiser

Some call it a condition; we call it a skill.  We are people who love organising spaces - to the extent that we nearly find it impossible not to.  There is something incredibly calming, refreshing and peaceful about just being in an organised space, especially if it's your own - it provides a clear canvas for the mind, and helps you to breathe just that bit easier. 

Zen My Life was founded by Edina Pilcher in 2019, a Melbourne Bayside mother of two little girls.  Edina was born a Professional Organiser, with a passion to help people - she has lived & breathed this all her life.  After a career in Banking & Financial Services and then Community, Social & Health Services, Edina decided to 'walk the talk' and follow her real skill and passion, developing Zen My Life.

The vision for Zen My Life is to grow the business, its method and values - first locally and then nationally within Australia.  In doing this we aim to nurture a strong sense of community within the business and for our clients; and create an awesome workplace that people are proud to be a part of, with flexible and supportive employment opportunities.

Our business, Zen My Life, has 4 personalised services:

  1. Zen My Space

  2. Handy-Zen services

  3. Sell Anything

  4. Zen My Mind*

Below is a sneak peek of Edina's own shelves


  Attention to Detail  


  Expert Service  


Our Values

What do we stand for?

1. Client happiness comes first

While all other values remain equal, this is our #1 value.

It is what drives us. 

It is the reason we started Zen My Life. 

And we guarantee it.

If a client isn't happy with what we've completed, then we will strive to either meet their expectation or we will only charge for what they are happy with.

If we don't think we can achieve whatever it is our client is asking for, then we won't pretend that we can.  Instead we will try to help our clients find what they are seeking.

2. Nurture local community

We believe in what we do and we value reaching as many people and households as we can.  We know that an organised and synchronous homely or working space helps to keep a clear mind, ensuring people are happier spending time around their environment, and are able to apply themselves to what matters most to them, with better focus.

3. Look after the environment

We're worried about the world that our kids will grow up in, and how much in our households and offices that we still throw out when it could be sold, donated or re-purposed.  We strive to demonstrate and educate on best practices in the way households and businesses approach their waste, and we help to find environmentally-friendly solutions to storage, while keeping things economically-friendly.

4. Be a refreshingly awesome business to work with & for

We believe in providing flexible, enriching and fun employment opportunities for people, for a business that gives back to the community and its employees.  We don't just say this - we seek it.  For example, mothers who need flexibility, students who need a chance - we want people with the skills, community-minded attitudes, along with a genuine zest to help other people.  These are the qualities we value most as employers and leaders in our field.


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